Terms and Conditions

We follow the Exchange and Refund policy according to the Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency:

Two-week, no-questions-asked return

- The consumer has the right to replace or return for a full refund any product without reason within 14 days.

- To be eligible for a exchange or refund, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you purchased or received.

One month's return of faulty products

- The consumer has a right to return any faulty product for a full refund or replacement in the span of 30 days after purchase.

- To be eligible for a refund due to manufacturing defects, your item should be unused and in the same condition when purchased or received. 


We guarantee our products against industry defects from the consumer purchase date. Every Product has a warranty certificate with the guarantee duration and terms. 

Policy Applicability

For the validity of this policy, the consumer must keep the sale invoice/purchase receipt of the product.

If a customer wishes to exchange or return any product, he can choose one of the following options:

  • Through Daly Export’s nearest branch:

- Exchange and refund is according to the above-mentioned policy, with the presence of the invoice or receipt for the product. The product has to be in its original condition and present it to the employee in any branch.

  • Online exchange:

- Online exchange or refund should be through calling our customer service on the hotline 16584; the customer will have to request a return (indicating the order number, name, and contact information through which the customer can be reached).

- The above policy must be adhered to, please indicate to the customer service representative what items you wish to exchange and please note that the shipping cost of the replacement items will be added to the invoice.

- The shipping representative will contact the customer to set an appointment to receive the product he wishes to return or exchange.

- In the case the customer receives a wrong or defected item, the item will be returned and the total amount including shipping fees will be returned as well.

For Shipping Charges:

- In case of an exchange: Please note that the shipping cost of the replacement items will be added to the invoice if the exchange is made online

- In case of refund/return: Shipping fees will be deducted from the total amount

- In case of refunding wrong or defected items: No shipping fee will be deducted